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West Bank

For many, Bethlehem needs no introduction. A place of religious, Bethlehem tourism focuses on the holy sites across town. But far from the humble, little town described in Christian carols and scripture regarding the nativity, Bethlehem today has a real hustle and bustle to it, largely because of the vast amount of tourists who come here on day trips or for overnight stays. Finding hidden places to eat and buy authentic handicrafts along the streets of the old town represents one of the most rewarding challenges in present-day Bethlehem. Bethlehem is in West Bank. Plan your holiday today with Orient Tourist Bureau .

Bethlehem Day Tour


 Visit Bethlehem, the Church of the Nativity, Saint Catherine Church, Saint Jerome's Caves, and Milk Grotto. Walk around the old city of Bethlehem and enjoy a local meal in one of the oldest restaurant in the city. Also see a panorama view of Bethlehem and olive wood craft shop, Visit the walled off hotel (Banksy) and watch the graffiti's on the wall.

Sites in the Bethlehem area:

Church of the Nativity / Grotto of the Nativity / St Jerome's Cave / Church of St Catherine of Alexandria / Milk Grotto / Shepherds' Field / Tomb of Rachel / Field of Boaz / Herodium