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The Holy Land has exceptional terrain, natural beauty and facilities for biking and hiking tours. Our specialist guides are amongst the best in the world and will provide you with an adventure to remember.


This is a touring route led by specialist local guides which immerses participants in stunning landscapes and invites them to dig a bit deeper into Holy Land culture.


Our route takes us off the beaten track through both the Negev desert and Judean mountains, using tracks not accessible to the unguided cyclist, and includes meeting locals who have chosen to live in remote locations. Through this five-day cycle, participants will gain an appreciation for lesser known aspects of the land and people of the Holy Land.


Our route is particularly special because participants will experience first-hand Israel's remarkable geo-diversity. Israel sits at the meeting point of three continents, creating an ecological mishmash extravaganza. Our ride starts in arid desert areas reminiscent of Africa with lone acacia trees and nimble desert ibex, and ends in the emerald Mediterranean forests of the Jerusalem Hills. Our desert route takes us through some of the most breath-taking scenery in all of the Holy Land, including two of Israel's three maktesh's (erosion craters), which is a geographical phenomenon unique to the Negev. As we continue North, we will experience the landscape changing into semi-arid conditions, gradually filling out with colour until it metamorphoses into the rich greens of the Jerusalem Hills. The Jerusalem Hills are one of Israel's most fertile areas, populated with natural forests and planted pine trees and some 100 flowing streams. Full of archaeological remains from millennia of human habitation, we will tour some lesser known Second Temple archaeological remains such as Khirbet Burgin where we will relive the story of the Bar Kochba revolt. At the heart of the Jerusalem Hills lies the holy city of Jerusalem where we end our ride.

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If you're looking for a breath-taking adventure then look no further - this week-long experience will challenge you physically, whilst exposing you to some of the Holy Land most stunning desert and oasis scenery.