For us, there is no greater honour than facilitating your Wedding of bringing a group of family and friends to the Holy Land to celebrate , special birthday, or other celebration.

At Orient Tourist Bureau we create family experiences which bond, and memories which last a lifetime. We create connections between your family and the Holy Land. As we celebrate milestones, we celebrate life. Whether you are celebrating , a special birthday, wedding anniversary, or another occasion, we are here to personalise and optimise your special Holy Land tour.

We understand that within any family or wider group, different people will have different priorities, and we are experts at devising multi-generational Holy Land tours, tours for groups comprising Holy Land first-timers and Holy Land-returners, and tours for mixed faith families. Whatever the make-up of your party, we are ready to get creative and find the perfect solutions for your tour or other special celebration tour!

In addition to taking care of every aspect of your travel and touring, we also have an in-house party planner, so if you're considering making a party for your guests whilst in-country we are pleased to provide you with all solutions under one roof.