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Ein Bokek Israel Resort at the Dead Sea

A wonderful resort sandwiched between the turquoise waters of the southern Dead Sea Judean Mountains.

Biking in Israel From the Deserts to the Mountains

See my top recommendations for the best biking in Israel from the desert to the mountains.

Christmas in Israel

Amazing things to see and do in Nazareth, Bethlehem and Jerusalem for an experience to last a lifetime.

The Namal Tel Aviv to the Yafo Port on Bike

The Namal Tel Aviv all the way down to the Yafo port and back in a day on bike.

Upper Galilee A Fantastic Day Trip in Northern Israel

The upper Galilee of Northern Israel; horseback riding, great eastern food, wineries and spectacular views.

Bet Guvrin National Park

Bet Guvrin National Park - a great day out for the family in the ancient cities of Bet Guvrin and Maresha

Tzefat - A Walking Tour

A walking tour of the ancient city of Tzefat (Safed), featuring the Artist quarter, Old City and the Citadel.

he Zaki Trail; An Amazing Water Hike

The Zaki Trail, the last leg of the Meshushim stream, is one of the most amazing water hikes in the country.

Wadi Darga Challenging One Day Private Hiking Tour

This challenging and amazing hike offers rappelling, swimming and rock climbing in a day - a must do!

The Hula Valley

The Hula Valley in the Upper Galilee region is one of the most magical natural phenomenons in the world.

The Banias Waterfall and Hermon Stream in a Day

For a beautiful suspended hiking trail, rich history, and a view of the largest waterfall in Israel.

Adamit Park and Hanita on the Northern Israel Border

Adamit Park - breathtaking panoramic views from Haifa bay to Lebanon, don't miss this Israel Day trip.

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